About OBI


Leading the way

OBI’s aspiration is to be the leading DIY retailer setting the pace for the whole trade, as an innovator. Wherever we are present, we define the DIY market and strive for market leadership. We set standards regarding assortment, store formats and customers’ shopping experience.

Leading the way in Europe

OBI is one of the leading European DIY brands.

Currently, the company operates more than 650 stores, thereof more than 350 in Germany and more than 230 in 9 Central and Eastern European countries. OBI stores generate total sales of more than EUR 6 billion, employing more than 46.000 staff.

Our stores offer a broad and comprehensive product range, which, on average, includes 40-60.000 articles per store. The professional product range covers gardening, building material and elements, tools, sanitary and interior decoration. Attracted from within an extensive catchment area customers will find all they need to improve their homes.

Since the opening of the first OBI store in 1970 (Hamburg, Germany), the sales areas of the OBI stores have increased from 870 sqm to ”orange boxes” with more than 10.000 sqm. The total store sales area now amounts to more than 4,3 million sqm.